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Joikusoft hosts world's largest and most active mobile Wi-Fi Share Community.

Our vision is to liberate Mobile Internet everywhere by providing on-demand internet via WiFi and mobile phones. We believe in Wi-Fi as the easiest, fastest and most rapidly spreading way to mobile internet.

Joiku product portfolio comprises of 3 Joiku innovations around mobile internet:

JoikuSpot: Connect your laptop to internet over WiFi (WLAN) using your mobile phone's 3G internet, and share the connection with your friends.

JoikuBoost: Multiply your internet speed by connecting multiple JoikuSpots into one larger and shared bit-pipe

JoikuMetrix: Operators can measure and analyze their actual mobile data network speed from smartphones and USB modems

Enter Joiku community at www.joiku.com or visit our AppStore at www.joikushop.com.

Let your Joiku begin!

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Joikusoft is a privately held company, founded in 2007 in Finland, financed by its founders.

Joikusoft has its offices in Espoo and Tampere, Finland.

Contact us at info(at)joikusoft.com

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JoikuShare Coming Soon !

New Joiku Product JoikuShare to be launched...

Share Phone Files with WiFi!

Download, Upload, View, Play your phone music, photos, videos and files.. Easily with WiFi. No internet connection, cables or additional software needed.

JoikuShare Mobile App installs to mobile phone, and by tapping it on, you can share anything you like from your phone with WiFi with Friends and other WiFi devices like laptops, tablets and other mobile phones.

JoikuShare is soon here.. Stay tuned and check out the product site at Joiku.com

31.01.2013 - JoikuSpeed Unveiled
18.01.2013 - JoikuSpeed - Coming soon !
16.01.2013 - JoikuSpot User Base exceeded 6 Million mark
14.06.2012 - Joiku goes Music

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